Revision Policy


How Do I Request a Revision?

Revisions give buyers the option to reject a seller’s delivery and grant us more time to do the required changes from the buyer based on the delivered work. Revisions are an optional feature that we offer buyers to deliver a quality job

How Do I Request a Revision?

You can contact us by Email, Skype, WhatsApp, or Online Chatbox regarding your revision request. When a buyer requests revisions on order, the order status is updated to Revision Mode. This means that the seller is working on the modifications requested. Instead, it means that the buyer rejected the delivery, and the seller is now required to update the delivery to include the changes requested.

Can I add additional words as Revision?

NO. We don’t accept adding additional words as a revision. But if you need to add extra words into the current translation, you can pay for other words and add them into the present translation.